Saturday, October 1, 2011

Updates on the family

We have not been very good at keeping this blog up-to-date, but this is the beginning of an attempt to do better.

On Saturday, May 21, 2011 at 11:56 PM, Nathaniel Jacob Dean was born. He was 6 pounds 13 ounces, 19 3/4 inches long. He has been a great addition to our family over the last 4 months. It has increased Jonathan's interest in reading aloud (to him), Christopher is a very eager helper, and he adds a new dimension of strategic planning to anything we want to accomplish as a family.

Over the summer and until about 3 weeks ago, the boys had a wonderful babysitter who they all adored. Criston was absolutely fabulous with them. The older boys started back to school in August (Christopher in 3rd grade with Miss Cooper and Jonathan in 1st grade with Mrs. Bradbury), so we decided to have Nathaniel attend daycare. He has adjusted well and everyone there seems to like him.

About 1 week ago, Nathaniel started eating rice cereal. He is doing well, although he gets impatient with it. He is a pretty easy-going baby, which makes life easier. Christopher continues to shine at any and every video game he attempts to play, mastering them in a short time. He is a skilled reader and seems to have a special knack for math. Jonathan is improving daily with his reading skills and he picks everything at school up quickly. He is very art-minded and has a gift for drawing and creating things with paper, from origami to paper clothes for his stuffed animals. Both Christopher and Jonathan are in Cub Scouts this year, they are currently doing popcorn sales. Christopher is playing soccer this fall. He is learning and growing into quite a team player.

Ben still works at Marshall University developing software, he loves his job and is very persistent to achieve success with each project entrusted to him. Naomi still works at Shawnee Animal Clinic, continuing to learn and grow in the field of veterinary medicine.

Hopefully, this will be updated frequently so we can let others in on what is going on in our lives.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Doubt anyone will read this.

Why we can't seem to get a handle on Bullying in Schools.

It strikes me odd as to the increased concern over bullying in schools now days. No I am not for bullying in school or out of school, its wrong and it should be dealt with. What gets me is that there seems to be more concern and conversation about bullying and the results seem to be so much more devastating now than when say I was even in school. I rarely remember kids in the news when I was growing up that committed suicide or even half of what kids seem to be dabbling in now days.
I find it kind of funny in a skewed way that the same people who are trying to fix the situation were either bullied or was the bully growing up. Even today in the adult arena it seems that they never out grew that phase, looking at what people post online to what they say to your face. Intimidation rules and who ever comes across more intimidating is going to reign supreme. Whether the arena is work, school, or politics. Intimidation = bully.
I wonder how our children are going to learn not to bully when even in the adult world, workplace, we have laws specifically written for bullying. Why because even as adults we still bully like we did back in school. We have to put in special protection for whistle blowers so that they can avoid being harassed for doing the right thing. Sexual harassment, intimidation mentioned early, and plain old harassment. Healthy organizations will do all they can to eliminate these bully's from the workplace but it is difficult to do.
It says in scripture the sins of a father will fall upon his children and it would seem that is quite accurate in society today. Until the adults of our generation grow up and learn to stop bullying, attacking, and treating people wrongly, and start following the golden rule and seeking to be community minded and less individually minded our children and our schools will never change.
Change we can believe in is change in which we can see. If our children see us treating others with respect in all areas of our lives, they will get the idea and do the same.
For role models in our society we need to expect more, we have far to long let those in the spotlight lead lives of delinquency and expected our children to ignore their life style of stage, while praising their accomplishments on stage. For those in the public arena I say through the book at them so that good and wholesome role models will emerge. These people should be held to a higher standard because they are the face of what young people see and aspire to be like. If superstar does drugs, it's OK if I do drugs. If superstar beats people, it's OK if I beat people. If superstar commits suicide, it's OK if I commit suicide. So on, and so on, and so on.
It starts at home, adults, parents need to be role models in all aspects of their life because their children learn by the examples they set as to what to do as the next generation of parents. Next its community, schools, public office, everyone in these areas must be held accountable for their actions both in the public eye and out of the public eye. Lastly the icons need to be to the highest standard and no leniency should be allowed, if they break the law and are guilty, they should get the maximum penalty.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Monday, October 26, 2009

Job Lottery

In a move to allow more opportunities to workers who may be overqualified a chance at employment, ???? State officials have created a job lottery. Based on the popular regular State lottery idea, companies can submit job vacancies to the state run job lottery. Job seekers register to the lottery site, mail, or state gov. offices. The seekers are then screened and placed under categories based on skills, and any bias for over qualification is taken out. A panel interview is conducted by the agency and a standard ranking is given to a candidate, to qualify for the myriad of possible positions. Every night along with the regular lottery, an employment lottery takes place and winners have 24hrs to call the employment Lottery hot-line. State officials and businesses alike have deemed this program a success after 6mo of trials and an additional 6mo since the program went state wide. Ms. Paxil of the Lottery board states "We are able to match jobs to job seekers in record times and fill positions faster than was possible before." She goes on to say about the employment numbers,"We are seeing dramatic decrease of unemployment rates and state consumer spending is on the rise showing we are in the right direction for moving out of a recession." Some of the requirements of the job seekers is that they must be willing to agree to a term of minimal employment with a range of 1 to 3 years. "We want to ensure we hire people and they stick around even after potentially better jobs become available." says Mr. Chesshir a regional manager for a retailer business. So far the public opinion has be highly favorable towards the lottery and state officials are looking into making this a more permanent part of operations even after the recession is in the past. So if your looking for a job, any job apply and you could be working sooner than later. "It beats interviewing at every place under the sun only to be turned down because of a coin toss. You interview once and then bid your time on unemployment or welfare hoping your number gets called so you can go to work." Says Selina of ?????. "I've been unemployed now for nearly a year since they closed the plant and my only hope was they would call us back, which was not likely. I couldn't even afford to play the real lottery. But its free to play the labor lottery and if you win you feel good to start accomplishing something again." says Mike a recent winner for a stock position a local grocery. "As people start working again people start spending again, and this spending sends signals to business to hire, and thus Economies thrive." Prof. Aukbaur of ????? College. He continues "Will this concept work? So far it seems to be, its jump starting the economy and doing faster than normal job hiring processes have in the past."

Friday, October 23, 2009

Note Worthy News

Man arrested today after being implicated by self in an online harassment suit. In a bizarre twist of events Micheal ???????? hired a lawyer 3 months ago after being harassed online when using both facebook and myspace. He had received a friend request from Greg ??????? who was a contact of a friend of his. Micheal's nightmare thus began. He started receiving unfavorable remarks and torrid remarks on things he would say to his other friends. Greg began ridiculing him and saying he knew where he lived and would like to visit. Greg sought the police department and followed their advice and began taking notes and removed Greg from all of his accounts. This didn't detour Greg from continuing harassment, but in a more subtle way. Using the alias Regg, Greg setup a site devoted to harassment of Micheal and spammed a large number of his contacts with the new site. Greg had registered with false information and it took sometime to track him down. Police said they had a cyber unit start a track of online activity when they noticed some peculiarities. Dept. Verrin, "We noticed that all of Greg and Regg's posts were coming from Micheal's IP, we immediately sent a team over to his house as we suspected Greg had compromised his system." It appears not only did Greg compromise Michael's system but Greg was Michael. Dr. Pallo worked with investigators and found that 6mo ago Michael suffured a minor breakdown. As a coping mechanism and unbeknown to family or friends he developed a split personality. Dr. Pallo said, "Normally we see this type of behavior act out as voice heard in a persons head, Schizophrenia, but this is a delayed version of Schizophrenia."
The case for obvious reasons was dropped and Michael is now seeing a Cyber-psychiatrist online twice a week in 2nd life.

Useless Time Machine

It's amazing we stand on the brink of a new dawn, as the makers of a new time travel device are honored in Europe. Called Retroprobe, the developers created a robot with an instruction set to collect samples and return to the capsule with in a set amount of time while in history. The pod was sent back to the year 1948, in an area at the time was vacant. Upon the pod's return the robot was released and samples where scrutinized. carbon dating found that the samples were indeed from 1948.
The scientist excited then tried another experiment and sent plants and insects in the pod to again 1948 and immediately returned the pod for observation. When the pod came back the plants and insects were normal. Next they created an even larger pod and sent a trained dog to again 1948 with commands to exit and return. The good dog did as it was trained and when the pod returned the dog was in normal health, and samples of the oxygen were found to be consistent of air quality of that area at the time.
Finally they were ready for human trials. They again chose to send subjects back to 1948 and do progressively more riguruss tests and collections. All were successful, and now the scientists insist that they do historical marker checks and record history via photographic means as a test of bringing back history. The went back in time every 100 years until 1048. At which they decided to go back to the age of the dinosaurs to get proof once and for all. So they got the pod ready and sent it back 30 million years into the past. After the scheduled time frame the pod didn't return. Now the pod was designed to return after 48 hours. When that time came the pod did return but not in the exact same place where it had left. So far the time machine left and returned to same spot it was sent. Luckily for the scientists they had put a homing beacon on the device in the case this happened. The found the case 400 miles away from its location and it appeared as if it had suffered a fall from quite a distance.
The person inside was dead and things were also difficult to explain. The autopsy report indicated the subject died from exposure to extreme cold, similar to conditions found in space. So this perplexed scientists. Many theories arose and people were debating the location of even the Earth. But after much debate a person spoke up with the Idea that they should look at historical and biblical records and start tracing back from those little by little and see if there was any existence before the silly notion of creation. To humor the man the scientist sent back the original pod with the robot to collect samples starting at just before the supposed flood. The pod returned with samples and they kept doing this until the last mission it completed.
With this mission the pod actually entered into empty space, not unlike when then person went back to the age of the dinosaurs. this time though something interacted with the pod, sending a message back. When the pod returned there was no one there to retrieve it. Earth was completely empty of all life. The scientist were gone, the people were gone, everything was gone. The message the robot inside began to speak as the pod opened up. "I am returning the day was today, the hour was now."

Monday, October 19, 2009

Poster Beware

!!!!!!!!! Warning the content of this post may be offensive !!!!!!!!

!!Disclaimer you may find the following material not to your standards and may feel uncomfortable, it is recommended that you read no further in this posting. The material can be considered offensive, hurtful, derogatory, bully-ish. If you find vulgar words, inappropriate sayings, derogatory remarks, inappropriate jokes, or ill willed comments unacceptable forms of communication then leave. You have been warned and you must scroll down quite considerably to see the related material in doing so you have agreed that you tolerate or are willing to over look such material in this case and will not hold the post parties, host or anyone else responsible to the speech contained within. !!!

!!!!Warning --- By continuing to scroll down to read the material you agree to not hold anyone.... That includes everyone that has ever been born since time began. RESPONSIBLE.... no law suit...

!!!!! Are you kidding? Stop scrolling and leave this site. I mean it this material is not suited for Adults let alone children. This is terrible material and should never be on the Internet or in books or in print. No one should ever hear these words spoken. It should be stricken from all languages and erased from all memories.

!!!!!Stop scrolling, seriously.

!!!!Okay you shall see the illicit material.

There were two kids named Marty and James.
Marty says to James "Knock, knock."
"Who's there ?" James replies.
""Boo" Marty says.
"Boo who?" James answers.
To which Marty responds "Don't cry it's only a joke," and gives a slight giggle.
James not understanding the joke states "That's not funny."
Feeling hurt he goes to his teacher and says that James was bullying him on the play ground. Explaining his version of what transpired Marty's parents are informed that they must pickup their child immediately from school for reasons of bullying other children.
They comply in utter shock, and bewilderment. The school contacts social services to investigate the child's home, and local law enforcement is contacted for a formal investigation and to pursue bullying charges be brought against Marty.
They substantiate the charges based on the state law and school rules, and open a criminal case against Marty. Marty is removed from his home via social services and placed in a juvenile detention center. His parents are then notified that they were facing charges of Contributing to the Delinquency of a Minor.
Marty was found guilty and remanded to the state for rehabilitation. Once complete, then to foster care.
Marty's Parents were found guilty as well, teaching and indoctrinating bullying practices and sentenced to life w/o parole.

In our modern day and age it's not what you say but how it is interpreted. Sure it’s a little far-fetched but just you wait until it happens for real. I read a few articles today about people’s freedom of speech having been squelched via posting online. The Internet is a public forum but, a web page, blog, etc. They’re more of a private residence and you must navigate to that place to read its contents. By doing so you are making a conscious effort to read someone’s thoughts, ideas, and ramblings. If you don't like what you read that is OK, you don't have to go there. You can click the little back arrow and go somewhere else.